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123estateAgent has one principal aim relating to schools, this is to advance the education of children.

Our aim is to raise money enabling our partner schools to invest in their facilities in a multitude of ways so that pupils benefit and make the most of school.

We will donate a percentage of our fee to benefit the children at any school you choose from among those registered with us. We are particularly keen to ensure that all primary aged children have the opportunity to learn to swim, which is a key curriculum aim but also one which many schools struggle to fund sufficiently.

We encourage all schools who register with 123estateAgent to let us know what they are aiming to fund early on so that we can work with them in achieving their wishes. If you are a school who want to contact us for further information please email us at

It may help here to illustrate what our aim is to help schools to fund:

  • Additional educational books required by a school to improve the children’s education
  • Computer equipment / Sports equipment
  • Music equipment / extra-curricular music lessons to promote and enhance children’s musical education
  • Sports sessions eg. lessons at a local leisure complex
  • Special equipment for classrooms which enhance learning eg. electronic whiteboards
  • Additional financial help to support disadvantaged children through either physical / mental disability and including social deprivation
  • School transport / extra-curricular school activities
  • Specialist equipment required for children with disabilities eg. sensory equipment for visually impaired children etc.

This list is merely intended as a broad guide for the types of requests for help 123stateAgent can be used for, it is not exhaustive and we are always open to suggestions for providing other items.

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