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Property Management

123estateAgent Property Management

At the start of a tenancy we will inform any new tenants if the landlord is managing the property or 123estateAgent. If the landlord is managing the property we will provide the contact information.

Our maintenance and repair contractors will be accredited by 123estateAgent for all relevant qualifications and will be committed to providing a responsive and courteous service to all our tenants.

We will enable our tenants on full management to make payments via an ARLA approved payment system which will remind you when your payment is due or if your payment is late.

Tenant rent payment App

From the App, tenants and landlords can access:

All financial information about the tenancy – on any device, at any time
Any outstanding amounts
A complete archive of all payments made
Every invoice ever sent through PayProp
Instructions on how to pay their rent

Tenant maintenance reporting App

All managed properties will be given access to our maintenance APP to report any maintenance issues please report them directly on the app or PC.

Landlords and Tenants will also be able to see all their documents relating to the property. 

App Store: Down load Property File -Tenant Edition

Log into property file

Email: property management

24/7 emergency number: 0203 950 7375 (only in emergency situations)

For the avoidance of doubt we have set out below what an emergency or urgent repair is:

We will endeavour to visit and assess the repair within 24 hours and complete all works within three days.

– White goods or landlord appliances not working

– Blocked toilets or drains

– No hot water

– Heating not working

– Water leak

Water leak

– Turn off the water using the stopcock.

– Place a suitable receptacle under the leak to prevent further damage.

– Contact the occupants if the leak is coming from a property adjacent or above.

– Inform 123estateAgent of the leak and the outcome of contact with any neighbouring property.

Electrical failure

– Telephone the electricity supplier to check if the failure is because of an unpaid bill or general power cut Heating system breakdown at the beginning of a weekend or holiday period where there is risk of the system freezing.

– Contact our repair lines Fire – Contact the emergency services immediately then call the repairs line.

Gas leak

– Contact the National Grid Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 Nation Grid Website

Structural collapse or risk of collapse

– Vacate the property and call the emergency number.

Property Inspections

When we provide a full management service to a Landlord, we shall carry out property inspections approximately every 6 months. We will give you seven days written notice of the date. We will carry out several visits on this date so exact times can’t be given unfortunately. Whilst it is preferred, you do not need to attend. Our management department will carry keys to your property, which will be used to gain access if you are not present. The primary purpose of these visits is to keep the appointment meaning that the maintenance that may be necessary. If we do not hold the keys or you will only allow access in your presence and you fail to keep the appointment meaning that the member of staff needs to carry out a further visit, at a later date you will incur an admin charge of

When do not we provide a full management service, the Landlord will make arrangements direct with you to gain access to check the property. A Landlord cannot access a property without the consent of the Tenant and must give at least twenty-four hours’ notice in writing of the request for access, except in an emergency.

Repairs and Maintenance

It is the Tenant’s responsibility to promptly report any repairs or maintenance that may be required to the managing agent or the Landlord. If the Landlord manages the property, the Tenant must contact the Landlord direct. If the Landlord is managing the property you will be given contact details at the start of the Tenancy. If you fail to report lack of repair or maintenance then you may be liable for the costs of any damage caused to the property.

The Tenant should not instruct any contractor to carry out any works to the property. If the Tenant does so, without prior approval from the Landlord or the agent, then the Tenant may have to pay the contractor’s invoice. The amount may not repayable to the Tenant by the Landlord or be deductible from future rent payments etc.

Maintenance Contracts and Guarantees

If there are maintenance contracts or guarantees for any of the appliances or installations at the property then copies will be left for you. You must use that contractor. If you instruct another contractor you will be liable for any costs incurred.


Your responsibilities

You must not cause undue noise or nuisance to your neighbours or in the general neighbourhood. This applies to you as the tenant and anyone else living with you or visiting you.

Please treat others around you as you would wish to be treated. For example:

– Do not leave rubbish or bins out on the wrong day, in shared areas or where it could cause problems for others

– Tell your neighbours if you are having a party or barbecue, keep the noise down and ask visitors to be quiet when they leave

– Control pets properly; do not leave dogs to bark during the day, or leave your pets where they can cause a nuisance

– Smoking is prohibited in all 123estateAgent managed properties

– Bear in mind that your neighbours may have young children who go to bed early

– Only use audio devices such as the radio and television, or play musical instruments in reasonable daytime hours


Noise nuisance is taken very seriously and 123estateAgent will not hesitate to take action against any tenant who causes a nuisance. If you have a complaint about nuisance or anti-social behaviour, in the first instance try to deal with the matter by discussing it in a polite and tactful way with the person causing the nuisance. It is possible that the person does not realise that they, or a member of their family, are causing you a problem. If the above doesn’t help, please contact your Property Manager for advice.


If you rent a specific car parking space you must only use that space. You must not store a commercial vehicle, boat or caravan in your allocated space or in any shared car park.


Pets and other animals cannot be kept at the property without prior written permission from your landlord.

Looking after your home

– Keeping your home clean and tidy.

– Letting us know if your home will be unoccupied for 21 days or more at any one time.

– Doing those minor jobs which a householder would be expected to do These might include:

– Replacing light bulbs or batteries.

– Bleeding radiators.

– Pressurising the boiler.

– Unblocking sinks or toilets.

– Replacing broken glass – if damage is caused by the tenant.


– Taking reasonable care of the property.

– Making sure you have permission in writing from your Property Manager before decorating any part of the property.


– Ensuring carpets and floor coverings are protected from all stains and burns. Any damage may require complete replacement for which you will be charged.

Garden (where relevant)

– Keeping your garden in good seasonal and tidy order.


– Ensuring you dispose of rubbish responsibly and not allowing it to accumulate as this will help prevent vermin problems.

– Finding out what day rubbish is collected in your area and putting out your wheelie-bin on time or using well sealed bin bags (where relevant)

Satellite dishes and aerials

– Not fitting an aerial or satellite dish or aerials to any part of the property without our written permission in advance.

– Meeting the cost of fitting and removal, together with making good to professional standard if a satellite dish or aerial has been fitted without authorisation.

Sinks and work surfaces

– Using the correct cleaning materials, chopping boards and surface heat proof mats.

– Not putting fatty substances down drains as this may block them and you will be liable for the unblocking costs.

Tumble dryer (where supplied)

– Cleaning the filter regularly

Washing machine (where supplied)

– Cleaning the soap dispenser and filter regularly.

Fridge/freezer (where provided)

– Defrosting regularly but never using a knife or other sharp object as this may damage the elements.


– Making sure windows are opened regularly, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen to avoid the formation of mould.

– Wiping down visible condensation.

– Report immediately if an extractor fan stops working.


– Not using Blu-Tac or other similar products

– Only using purpose made picture hooks, not nails, screws or tacks